How this started….

In the beginning, there was a workplace that appeared normal from the outside……

The first day that I started my career, I was going to change the world, and I had no doubts that I would make a difference. I had the education. I had the work ethic. I wanted to learn (because I was Girl watching the starsstraight out of college and knew nothing). I believed in ALL of the things that we were taught by our parents, grandparents, Bible School, etc. such as be kind, be respectful, the best finishes first, etc.

During my eighteen years of being a professional engineer in this world, I came to realize that this is not how the world operates. Not only was I wrong, but I was also vastly outnumbered by people who lived and looked at life way different from me.

So to embrace the madness and to conserve a portion of my sanity, I wanted to write about the transformation from the professional who I thought I was going to be to the professional that I became.

Maybe this will help others who are still trying to figure out why their bosses don’t seem to care if the company loses money or find themselves inundated with coworkers who complain constantly about how much work they have to do but yet spend 3 hours migrating between offices like African Wildebeests yammering on about what was on the latest episode of the Bachelor.

This blog is about how to survive in a Dysfunctional Work Place. Nothing in this blog will be found in the latest “How to be a better Manager/Leader” Book or by searching the internet for endless hours trying to find some sort of article, chat room, or blog where people can find advice on how to survive a more non-traditional workplace.  This blog is about a real place with real people.

And if you find yourself reading this one day, I truly hopes it helps (and hopefully at the same time, I will be lying on a private beach, sipping an alcoholic beverage after I just said “Fuck It”, quit my job, and got on the first plane out of that hell hole).

Sorry, I will get back on target.

So lets begin with a Work Place that refuses to put any policies in writing……I believe if the company did have an Employee Manual, it would go something like this….

Book secret


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